• Thank you for making all the arrangements for our Himachal Getaway to Shimla and Manali. I had a very pleasant tour experience. Once again, thanks for everything.

    Sujay Kumar and his wife, May 2019
    Vision Impaired
  • Our Dubai Tour was an incredibly awesome experience. The entire tour was well organized. Special thanks to Nuwan, our Enable Travel Tour Manager. The hotel selection was fantastic. The tour arrangements were good. And above all, a big thanks to Shama Noorani for making it possible.

    Purnima Prasad and family, Mar 2019
  • I am so content and happy after having a great time at Bali and I am thankful to Enable Travel for giving me this opportunity for experiencing this trip. Everyone was very supportive and helpful beyond our expectations. The whole trip was real amazing and I am still in Bali in my imagination... best trip of my life! Once again thanks for everything.

    Shilpa and Danish, Dec 2018
    Vision Impaired
  • We all arrived safely in Belgium. We had a magnificent stay in India. I would like to thank you for your gift that your colleagues gave me at our return to Delhi.

    The whole team at Decalage is joining me to thank Enable Travel for the excellent professional organization of our stay in India. Everything was perfectly coordinated and you met all our requests.

    Anne Spilliaert, Nov 2018
    Wheelchair Bound
  • Visiting Kenya was a fabulous experience! The wildlife, scenery, people and culture were out of this world! We had exciting safari's, experienced the African wildlife and enjoyed the hospitality wherever we went. A safari vacation can be very accessible and fun for people with disabilities like me. I didn't feel for a second that my disability hampered my ability to have a great time on this holiday. Disability-related challenges can be overcome with appropriate planning and communicating your special needs to Enable Travel. The best part of our trip was the support we receivedfrom our wonderful guides and the kind and friendly people we met at the hotels/camps in Kenya. We hope to go again soon!

    Shilpi Bhattacharya, Jun 2018
    Wheelchair Bound
  • I began my journey from Bengaluru to Mysuru. From the very first moment, I was fascinated by the comfortable wheelchair accessible vehicle, that Enable Travel provided. This was the first time that I sat in one.

    On the tour I visited various historical sites that I had never visited before! Enable Travel made sure that the hotel I lived at was comfortable.

    The next day I even got a chance to visit the Mysore Palace, after that I travelled back to Bengaluru.

    I'd like to thank the driver and the guide, as they were cooperative and also provided me with information about places I visited.

    On the whole I had an amazing trip. My travel was “enabled”.

    Rekha K, Dec 2017
    Wheelchair Bound
  • The accessibility that Enable Travel provided us, proves that we can we can do anything! With the presence of a sign language interpreter and the guide, my trip was a beautiful learning experience. On the tour, I got to know so much about the the Pataleshwar Caves, Dagdusheth Temple and stories that surround it. The Shaniwarwada and its history was breathtaking. I was able to enjoy this only because they made my tour truly accessible with a skilled sign language interpreter. Usually deaf individuals and children do not have the opportuinity to explore and learn new things, but Enable Travel made this possible!

    Heena Kausar Siddiqui, Dec 2017
  • I started my journey from Shahdara to Agra, to visit the Taj Mahal with Enable Travel. The Enable Travel team, almost made me visualise and feel every detail of the Taj Mahal. They also told me stories of this world famous monument. The team was polite and empathetic towards me. I enjoyed the Enable Travel experience and look forward to another trip with them!

    Shilpa Kashyap, Dec 2017
    Vision Impaired
  • My name is Hema Selarka, and I am from Bangalore. We booked a 3 day trip to Coorg for 7 people through Enable Travel. 5 of us in the group were senior citizens, which includes my mother who is 85 years old. At first I was very apprehensive about our trip, but taking her to Coorg was the best decision we made!

    Enable Travel designed our trip at a comfortable pace which was the best thing really for us to enjoy the trip at leisure. And with this a wheelchair for my mother so she didn't miss out on any sightseeing, a comfortable AC coach to travel in, comfortable stay and friendly support teams completed the experience for all of us. We now believe in the #CanDo spirit!

    Hema Selarka, Nov 2017
    Senior Trips
  • I am extremely delighted to have taken the much awaited break I needed after a very busy post-Rio medal buzz. I wanted to spend time with myself. Exploring the interiors of Goa the touristic way had been on my wish list for a very long time. But doing this on a wheelchair was always a challenge. Thanks to Enable Travel, I finally got the chance to live an experience I've always wanted to. I had the most comfortable and the most accessible holiday. The itinerary and Enable's trained staff in wheelchair handling made it flawless. I look forward to exploring more of India and the world with Enable Travel. Thank you!

    Deepa Malik (Indian Paralympian - Silver Medallist), Jun 2017
    Wheelchair Bound
  • We are close to end of our 15 days Western Europe tour. The arrangements made by Enable Travel have been excellent. The tour managers Mr. Cyrus Bathena and Mr. Pragyesh Singh have been doing their best to make our trip comfortable. Mr. Cyrus has been assisting us in hotel check-ins, breakfast, lunch, dinner and also escorting us to all the points of interests. He is doing his best and remains available round the clock for us.

    Most of the hotels were disabled friendly and we were given larger rooms with disabled friendly features. The food has not been an issue since we have been getting good Indian dishes all throughout. We also got to taste a bit of the local food in Italy and have got lot of assistance in our shopping.

    With all the logistics and comforts taken care off, we have been able to enjoy the dozens of places we have visited already. Looks like it will become one of our most memorable tours.

    After the trip ends, we will be happy to share our experiences in detail.

    Prashant & Veena Verma, Jun 2017
    Vision Impaired
  • It was my first camping experience, and it was a success! My team and I had planned the camp, and Enable Travel was a huge help in making this happen! I loved hiking, swimming, water rafting, and sightseeing!

    Amal Dev, May 2017
  • I loved the camp experience! It was my first time camping; I got tired of hotels and hostels. It was wonderful going water rafting, and it taught me valuable communication and teamwork skills! Also, the entire camp was for the Deaf students, which made it much more fun! Thanks, Enable Travel, for your support! I would love to go back again!

    Rohit Kumar, May 2017
  • I especially enjoyed the camping food the most! I think having all of our classmates there made the whole trip a special experience because I did not have to worry about communication barriers. Enable Travel was very generous in making sure we all got a chance to experience camping! I had a blast!

    Charu Narang, May 2017
  • The highlight of our camping experience in Rishikesh was when the white water rafting leaders realized we are able to orchestrate communication skills with perfect accessibility by using only hand signals. We did not need interpreters to guide us. With the support from Enable Travel, we were able to connect the best of both worlds in building an accessible and collaborative relationship where everyone wins and have fun without any language barriers at all!

    Dr. Alim, May 2017
  • When I reached Camp Aquaterra before 0800 hrs on April 28th, the Enable Travel group of 32 deaf students was having breakfast before the drive home.

    I met Animesh and Dr. Alim Chandani from Team Enable. They shared the group experience on the river and at camp, and how much they enjoyed being in the valley. As i was listening, i was also getting uncannily aware of the joy permeating through the silence at the dining area. It was of joyful faces, communicating with each other, a language i could understand, of paddling hard in rapids, smiles, camaraderie and bonhomie, the sheer enthusiasm breaking the silence.

    Being involved with adventure travel for 25 years, it was a humbling moment, realising the absolute sharing of that joy of the outdoors with the disabled. We as a team, are grateful to Enable Travel for showing us the satisfaction of sharing these moments by taking small steps, to ensure everybody knows what it is to love the planet.

    We congratulate you on your great effort and hope to partner you on more such efforts.

    Vaibhav Kala (CEO) - Aquaterra Adventures, Apr 2017
  • I recently flew to Delhi from Mumbai and all the arrangements were made by Enable Travel. I was very happy with the airline and the services they provided to me, all thanks to the Enable Travel team. I would recommend that everyone plan their trip with this company; I ensure you that you won't face any trouble, rather you will enjoy the experience and it will become one of your most memorable holidays.
    Keep up the good work Enable Travel!

    Manali Jain, Apr 2017
    Wheelchair Bound
  • My husband and I have just returned from a wondrous journey aboard the Deccan Odyssey. And I am not sure who I should address this letter to; the management, the staff, the guests; everyone played a part in making our journey beautiful.

    Starting with the sight-seeing tours, everything was managed flawlessly, we faced no issues whatsoever. For this, I would like to thank Deccan Odyssey & the Enable Travel Team for their superb arrangements.

    Next up is the staff aboard the train. Their service was exceptional! We felt loved, cherished and protected. They ensured that my husband who is wheelchair bound was taken care of round the clock. I would specially like to thank Mr. Joydip Mitra for going out of his way to help us. Not to forget, the dining staff. They were patient with our special demands and served us gourmet food each day. But the trip would have been incomplete without the company of our fellow passengers. We met some really interesting and fun-loving people.

    Lastly, I would like to thank two lovely young ladies, Aditi and Smriti. They accompanied us everywhere and despite resistance from us insisted on helping us put on and take off our shoes at the places of worship. They kept saying that they would have done the same for their grandparents. Since my husband and I are 90 and 85 years respectively, this was a very touching gesture.

    Personally I felt my husband was enveloped in a comfortable cocoon, which in turn helped in making my journey comfortable and carefree. We thank everyone at Deccan Odyssey and Enable Travel for fulfilling one of our bucket-list wishes. Here's to many more journeys.

    Sheila khanna, Mar 2017
    Wheelchair Bound