FAQs: Enable Travel

Have a question? Wondering if you #CanDo? Browse through our FAQs, and you'll get answers to questions such as 'What are the most accessible destinations?', 'What equipment do you use to make travel more accessible and comfortable?', 'What disabilities do you cater to?', and lots more!

  • Anything else people with disabilities need to know about Enable Travel?

    If you've always wanted to travel, don't hesitate to connect with us, talk to us, ask questions, because if we can, then you #CanDo it too!

  • Do you cater to a group of travllers that have different kinds of disabilities?

    Enable Travel can customise packages, and cater to small groups of travellers who have the same kind of impairment. Due to infrastructural limitations, large group travel is not recommended. Also, combining tours that cater to different disability types is not suggested.

  • How do I book a tour if I want to travel with my family?

    You can simply customise your package with your requirements. Accordingly, additional rooms/arrangements will be made available for you.

  • Public washrooms are usually not disabled-friendly. How will Enable Travel address that?

    Our vans do not have attached washrooms, but wherever possible, we do provide commode wheelchairs.

  • Are all your destinations equipped with adequate medical aid in case of an emergency?

    Everything from first aid and ambulance services to hospitals enroute will be taken care of. Your family and you can rest assured that help is always just a call away.

  • How different is your transport system?

    Enable Travel offers offer Toyota Hiaces, VWs as well as quality domestic brands, which are wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. These WAVs have a combination of rear door entry with in-built ramps and provisions such as safety harnesses to ensure wheelchairs are secure during travel.

  • With all this specialised equipment, will your tours fit my budget?

    Enable Travel caters to people with big as well as mid-sized budgets. For instance, if you wish to upgrade your transportation or be assisted by our specialised staff, the cost may be higher, but not more than 10%. Our aim is to ensure all package costs are as competitive as possible.

  • What about third-party services that you don't control? How do you make those barrier-free?

    When Enable Travel curates a tour, we do it keeping in mind, the various disabilities we cater to, and how travel affects them from an accesibility perspective.

    Our itineraries also include activities that many think people with disabilities can't do, such as visiting historical monuments, exploring local markets, and even trekking and swimming! And with a well-trained staff of guides, escorts and sign language interpreters, our trips become smooth and comfortable. After all, we believe everyone #CanDo, and that includes the disabled.

  • What is Enable Travel all about?

    Enable Travel believes that travel should be accessible to everyone, no matter their disability. Which is why our motto is #CanDo.

    Being India's first Accessible Holiday Specialist, we aim to solve the travel concerns of people with disabilities and make their journey comfortable. The idea is to enable you to travel like any other able-bodied person. To do this, we've got disabled experts to design itineraries to destinations that are barrier-free and made them more accessible by offering services that make travel even easier.

  • How do you craft tours for those with disabilities, so they can get the best of a destination?

    Peeple with disabilities rely on their other senses to help them navigate the world. Which is why those senses are much more refined than that of an able-bodied person. Our tours for the visually impaired are crafted to maximise their experience with the smells, sounds and touch of the destination. With the deaf and speech impaired, we ensure that the scenic beauty of the destination, as well as the experiences there, are maximised. And for the wheelchair-bound, we've crafted tours that take them to places that were probably always out-of-bounds for them.

  • How do you make travel barrier-free for people with disabiities?

    Enable Travel was designed for the disabled, by the disabled. We picked the pain points from the wheelchair bound, the deaf and the visually and speech impaired, and aimed at eliminating those barriers. We have vans that are disabled friendly, hiking chairs for the disabled, amphibian wheelchairs, ramps, as well as trained help in the form of drivers, escorts, caregivers, guides and people who are multi-lingual (including sign-language), to help our guests feel safe, comfortable and at ease when they travel with us.

    We have also partnered with airlines, airports, road transport companies, sightseeing points (under government and private control), hotels, restaurants, entertainment and insurance providers to ensure everything from travel to food to stay is comfortable.