Accessible Tours

Heritage, nature, wildlife or beaches; the world is yours to discover. At Enable Travel, we've curated holidays that cater to your disability type. These tours have been designed by our disabled experts keeping in mind your specific needs and interest. So while we offer tactile holidays for the blind, we have sign-language interpreters on board for our tours for the deaf and trained caregivers and specialised equipment for wheelchair-users. We promise, it'll be an experience you won't forget anytime soon.

  • Wheelchair Bound

    Wheelchair Bound

    With Enable Travel, you leave your worries of accessibility behind. Everything from transfers to security checks, accessible stay opt...

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  • Deaf


    At Enable Travel, we understand you and your disability. We understand your passion for travel and adventure and your need to uncover...

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  • Speech Impaired

    Speech Impaired

    Afraid of getting lost in the crowd? Worried that no one understands you? This is where Enable Travel steps in! We introduce you to t...

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  • Vision Impaired

    Vision Impaired

    We know you explore a place differently. You feel the place, you blend into its vibe, you taste its cuisine and you meet the people, ...

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