Regal India - Vision Impaired - 16 nights

Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, New delhi

India, known to be the land of epics and legends, is said to be older than history. Her ancient culture, festivals, fabled forts and palaces, stories of luxurious lifestyles lived by the maharajas and their adventures of kings make her an enigma fo...

India, known to be the land of epics and legends, is said to be older than history. Her ancient culture, festivals, fabled forts and palaces, stories of luxurious lifestyles lived by the maharajas and their adventures of kings make her an enigma for travellers from all parts of the world. A country of striking contrasts, India pulsates with a spectacular mix of people, traditions and landscapes.

This tour attempts to unfold all this and an opportunity to understand, experience and enjoy India's sublime beauty.

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  • This leisurely trip has been especially curated for our Vision impaired guests. It will include the services of a specially trained driver and guides who will be able to bring alive all monuments and attractions to enhance the experiences. In addition to important monuments, we have included places that could delight the explorer's soul for the sounds, smells and tastes.
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What’s Included?

  • Accommodation at hotels mentioned or similar..
  • Transfers by air-conditioned vehicle as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • All excursions and sightseeing tours by air-conditioned vehicle as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary.
  • Services of an English speaking local guide as mentioned in the itinerary.
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Itinerary in Brief

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  • Day 1 Arrive Mumbai

  • Day 2 Mumbai

  • Day 3 Mumbai

  • Day 4 Mumbai - Udaipur

  • Day 5 Udaipur

  • Day 6 Udaipur

  • Day 7 Udaipur - Jodhpur

  • Day 8 Jodhpur

  • Day 9 Jodhpur - Jaipur

  • Day 10 Jaipur

  • Day 11 Jaipur

  • Day 12 Jaipur - Agra

  • Day 13 Agra

  • Day 14 Agra - Delhi

  • Day 15 Delhi

  • Day 16 Delhi

  • Day 17 Depart Delhi

  • Day 1
    Arrive Mumbai
    • Welcome to Mumbai! On arrival at the airport in Mumbai, the airline staff will escort you through customs, immigration formalities and baggage collection, to the exit at arrival terminal, where an Enable Travel representative will receive you with a placard bearing your name. The representative will guide you to the awaiting vehicle, facilitating a smooth transfer to your hotel and assist with check in.

      A smooth check in would also involve one of the staff members familiarising you with the layout of the room and the amenities within the hotel premises.

      This buzzing cosmopolitan is not only the commercial capital of the country, but a mecca for fashion as well. In all its progressiveness, Mumbai still has an old-world charm that refuses to fade away. Like a sepia-toned photograph, stately Victorian buildings still look down upon a frenzied city life.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure allowing you to relax and unwind in the comfort of the hotel.

    • Meals included: None (meals on your own)
    • Gordon House
  • Day 2
    • Explore the city of Mumbai.

      Following breakfast, you will be met by your local guide for your visit to the iconic Gateway of India, built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911.

      The 26-metre high basalt stone structure, on the waterfront takes centre stage along with the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel just opposite it. With the maritime legacy of Arabian Sea, they make up for a perfect trinity. This spot was not just the entry port of Queen Elizabeth and King George V, it was also where the British exited after India gained Independence.

      The salty sea breeze gently kissing your face, the cacophony of hooting horns, the busy chatter of the crowds, the click of shutters, vendors selling chai, chana, excited kids with their families, waves crashing to the shore, bobbing yachts, collectively form the true essence of the place.

      Continue to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (Prince of Wales Museum). From natural history to ancient India, religion to modern art, science to entertainment, the museum offers a completely independent experience for the traveller. A professionally designed audio tour of the museum will most certainly enhance your experience. Later, we drive past some of the finest architectural buildings in the Fort area.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure.

    • Meals included: None (meals on your own)
    • Gordon House
  • Day 3
    • Enjoy a visit to the Banganga Tank.

      This morning, following a leisurely breakfast, visit the oldest part of the city, which is vibrant, colourful and buzzing with life - Banganga Tank. Don't forget to pack your suntan lotion, sunhat, sunglasses, etc.

      The resonance of clinging bells, the chanting of hymns, the soft fragrance of the incense wafting through the air, Banganga is charming pocket of ancient Hinduism in modern Mumbai. It is located very close to the sea, but its waters are spring-fed and sweet. This cultural hub has provided inspiration to many artists, be it on film or on canvas.

      A flight of steps will take you down to the banks of the water body. However, the periphery of Banganga offers as much an enriching experience as you weave through the slightly bumpy cobblestones, step into the temples and get blessed by priests.

      Enjoy the noisy daily activity at the vegetable and flower stalls adorning the sides of the narrow lane as you listen to the chatter of the women and hear religious pilgrims feed the holy cow.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure to visit some of the finest retail stores in South Mumbai.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Gordon House
  • Day 4
    Mumbai - Udaipur
    • This morning, an Enable Travel representative will meet you at the hotel and facilitate your transfer to the airport. The airline staff would further facilitate all the check in formalities right up to boarding the plane. We shall inform you in advance about the pick up time for your departure to the airport.

      Note: Flight cost is not included.

      On arrival at the airport in Udaipur, the airline staff will escort you to the exit at the arrival terminal where you will be received by an Enable Travel representative with a placard bearing your name. The representative will guide you to the awaiting vehicle facilitating a smooth transfer to the hotel and assist with check in.

      A smooth check in would also involve one of the staff members familiarising you with the layout of the room and the amenities within the hotel premises.

      With stunning marble palaces overlooking pristine lakes, all surrounded by the omnipresent Aravalli Hills, Udaipur has all the ingredients of a romantic and dreamy destination. Everything you see, touch and smell in the 'Venice of the East' will leave you wanting more.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Balunda House
  • Day 5
    • Enjoy a sightseeing tour of Udaipur.

      After a leisurely breakfast, begin the day with a visit to sections of the striking City Palace Complex. Amidst blocks of pastel-coloured buildings, theCity Palacesurfaces towards the sky through the rooftops. Lattice balconies and intricately carved windows adorn the exterior of the grand palace, while sparkling mosaic tiles and stain glass embellish its interior.

      As you leave your vehicle to walk to the City Palace, you can actually feel the roughness of the ash grey stone under your feet. This is the pathway till you enter the main building. Walk past the three-arched gateway known as Tripolia to enter the first courtyard where the royals would get off their elephants, horses and camels.

      Experience the low ceilinged narrow corridors that take you up the narrow winding staircases with uneven heighted steps - though ancient, they were an advance strategic mechanism of defence. Can you imagine an enemy being able to breach the palace?

      Envisage the dazzling period rooms with colourful mosaic work and miniatures - the most popular art from this city.

      From the palace, continue on a walk to the old city market, when suddenly the sound of a bell resonates in your ear. You are now at the Jagdish Temple - one of the landmarks of the old city. Stop by at the temple and inhale the freshness of marigold and rose flowers. And, of course, the roadside flower vendors are always there for you to buy a handful from. Enjoy the treasures of this buzzing local market with its colourful and interesting souvenirs.

      Myriad voices of vendors selling almost everything and the local street food aroma surround the air - camera batteries, memory cards, post cards, soft drinks, miniature paintings, the masala chai and the very popular, samosa.

      Later in the afternoon, visit the Saheliyon Ki Bari, the 'Garden of the Maids of Honour', designed as a peaceful retreat outside the old city of Udaipur. Built by Maharana Sangram Singh II for the 48 girls that he received as part of his dowry, this quiet garden presents a perfect fusion of Indian and English architecture.

      Away from the city humdrum, it is a good spot to enjoy the tranquillity of lush green lawns, fountains, pools, flowers, trees and some marble art.

      Experience the spray of coolness, coming from its many fountains, as it caresses your face. As you stroll through its many pathways, you may just be lucky enough to get a whiff of seasonal flowers. Your soul stirs as you listen to a bird or two tweeting away. Truly a relaxing experience!

    • The rest of the day is at leisure for you to explore the city as you wish.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Balunda House
  • Day 6
    • Have a hearty breakfast at the hotel and take your time to enjoy the peace and tranquillity the city offers at the banks of its beautiful lakes and marble palaces. If you wish, you could also choose to take an optional excursion to the beautiful Jain temples of Ranakpur.

      Nesting deep within the forests of the Aravalli green valleys, around 90 km from Udaipur is the ancient township of Ranakpur. Boasting of some of the most exquisite Jain temples in the country, they are famous for their intricate friezes and sculptures.

      A professionally designed audio tour of the main temple complex is worth taking. Take the opportunity of running your fingers over some of the 1,444 carved pillars to notice that no two of them are alike - vertical and intricate carvings, celestial figures, floral motifs, geometrical patterns and much more.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Balunda House
  • Day 7
    Udaipur - Jodhpur
    • After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, embark on your drive to Jodhpur through two of the contrasting faces of Rajasthan (a journey of 280 km/ approx. 7 hours drive).

      Once you are off the highway and enter the countryside, feel the undulating terrain as you drive through parts of the Aravalli Ranges. This is the more fertile region of Mewar, smeared with lush green fields, farmers with their livestock, moustachioed men in large colourful turbans and women clad in the most vibrant hues, offsetting the harsh and austere landscape of the desert. The countryside is absolutely delightful with the blue sky, blazing sun and fresh air.

      In all possibility, at some point, your vehicle may be required to slow down. A herd of cattle will be crossing the road and the soft bleet of the sheep will delight your ears.

      As the journey progresses, you gradually transit to the other side of the Aravalli Ranges. Experience the dry and harsh desert like Marwar belt.

      On arrival, check in to the hotel.

      Located at the edge of the Thar Desert is a sea of blue brick houses called Jodhpur. It was once the capital of the former princely state of Marwar, and is now the second largest city of Rajasthan. Two massive structures stand guard over Jodhpur - the intimidating Mehrangarh Fort on the west and the stately Palace of Umaid Bhawan on the east. While the graceful palaces, forts and temples bring Jodhpur's historic grandeur alive, exquisite handicrafts, folk dances, musicand the brightly attired people lend a romantic aura to the city.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Jagat Niwas
  • Day 8
    • Explore the Mehrangarh Fort with a visit to Old Clock Tower.

      Post breakfast at the hotel, begin with a tour of the monumental Mehrangarh Fort. For a comfortable visit to this fort, a great idea would be to wear proper shoes or sturdy sandals and carry sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses.

      In 1459, Rao Jodha laid the foundation of what was destined to become one of the mightiest forts of all time, Mehrangarh - the citadel of the sun. Today, the beautiful palaces and dazzling period rooms of the fort have been converted into a unique museum that houses an impressive collection of elephant howdahs (seat), palanquins, armoury, paintings, turbans and much more.

      This is where you can know more about Sati - the custom practised by aristocratic women wherein they join their husbands' funeral pyre and aspired for celestial union with them.

      Even though you will be accompanied by a local guide, you may want to take the audio tour, which is a part of your entrance ticket. The audio tour that begins with a warm welcome in the rich baritone voice of the current Maharaja of Jodhpur transports you back in time as you meander your way through the numerous corridors of medieval to the modern Indian history.

      Be prepared to walk on an uneven paved pathway most of the way through the fort, right from the entrance itself. It's a reminder of the days gone by, when the horses' hooves would go clippety-clop over these rocks. As you walk up the hill, soft notes of lilting shehnai music and the heavy beating of drums reach your ears. Yes, you are now at Loha Pol (Iron Gate), the entry gate to the royal palaces.

      Navigating through this majestic fort, as you reach the ramparts (the highest point of the fort), feel the freshness of the breeze hitting your face. You can actually hear the distant humming of the city below.

      Later, dive into the heart of Jodhpur with a walking tour through the ancient town. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the area. Learn about interesting legends from the past,peep into the life of locals, and wander through narrow alleyways. The exciting walk ends at the Old Clock Tower, vegetable and spice market where you're bound to make new culinary discoveries.

      Post this trip, head back to the hotel.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Jagat Niwas
  • Day 9
    Jodhpur - Jaipur
    • Following breakfast, drive through rustic countryside to the royal capital city of the Kachwaha rulers, Jaipur (a journey of 335 km / approx. 7 hours). On arrival, check in to the hotel.

      A romanticpinkhue pervades everything inJaipur. Nestled between mighty forts and the rugged Aravalli Hills, Jaipur is a bastion of Rajput history and is characterised by sites such as the City Palace with its astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal and Amber Palace Fort.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Camellia
  • Day 10
    • Visit the Amber Palace Fort with a photo stop at Hawa Mahal.

      Get ready, post a luxurious breakfast, to explore the 'Pink City'. Soaked in myriad shades of pink, the plethora of heritage sites boasts of scholarly intellect, courage and sheer extravagance.

      Begin an exciting day around the city with a photo stop at the beautiful Hawa Mahal. The 'Palace of Winds' is a five-storey spectacle with a dazzling pyramidal facade and overhanging windows. The journey now continues on to the ancient Amber Palace Fort. Perched atop a ridge just outside Jaipur city, Amber is surrounded by fortified battlements, overlooking the Maota Lake. Built in the 17th century, it was once the seat of power before the birth of the Jaipur's City Palace. Though not long, through a winding uphill and a bit rough drive, you are taken in your car up to the drop-off point from where you enter the main gate, which opens out into the first courtyard of the palace.

      Don't be surprised if you are welcomed into the main courtyard by the beat of drums and bugle of trumpet along with the elephants as they enter the palace from the royal entrance.

      As you cruise through the palace, you are likely to overhear multilingual excerpts from a multitude of local guides briefing their own guests, helping you script your own story of the monument.

      Within the complex is the Ganesh Pol, an awe-inspiring gateway painted with beautiful images of the elephant-headed god, Ganesh. An amicable synthesis of Rajput and Mughal architecture adorns the apartments, gardens and landscaping of the palace.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Camellia
  • Day 11
    • Explore the city of Jaipur.

      Begins the day with a tour of the 'Pink City', an abode of maharajas. The highlights of the tour include a visit to sections of the City Palace a repository of Rajasthani artefacts and culture. It houses a remarkable collection of Rajasthani costumes, and armoury of Mughals and Rajputs, an art gallery, intricately designed carpets, royal paraphernalia and rare astronomical works.

      Next, proceed to the awe-inspiring Jantar Mantar Observatory, a stone astrological and astronomical observatory built in the 18th century. Known for its ingenuity, this scientific 'playground' paved the way for modern astronomy and continues to guide priests, even today, in carrying out astrological predictions that impact different spheres of life.

      A surprise awaits you as you listen to your local guide, who explains the usage and accuracy of the different astronomical instruments. Who could have thought that time, calendar and planetary events calculation is possible with such stone structures?

      Late in the afternoon, explore the bustling bazaar of the old city to shop for the famous Jaipuri textiles and jewellery.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Camellia
  • Day 12
    Jaipur - Agra
    • Transfer from hotel in Jaipur to hotel in Agra, en route visit Fatehpur Sikri.

      Following breakfast, drive from the capital of the Rajputs, to the capital of the Mughals, Agra (a journey of 230 km / approx. 7 hours). En route visit the deserted capital of the Mughals, Fatehpur Sikri

      Located 40 km from Agra, the ghost town of Fatehpur Sikri was built by Mughal emperor Akbar in 1571 as a mark of gratitude, when he was blessed with an heir to the throne, as predicted by a Sufi saint.

      Embrace and feel the delicately carved pillar at the Hall of Private Audience - a beautiful manifestation of Akbar's secular attempt towards unification of all the religions.
      Visiting the Turkish queen's palace is an experience that will leave you spellbound. Standing close to the wall facing it, stretching out both your hands, feel the exquisite craftsmanship - every inch of the palace is profusely carved. Each of its stone slab has a different design such as arabesque designs on the pillars of verandah and bell-shaped, floral and herring-bone carvings on the brackets supporting the roof. The dado panels depict scenes of forests and gardens. There are animal motifs and swastika patterns too.
      On arrival in Agra, check in to the hotel.

      Agra is most known for the magnificent and inimitable Taj Mahal. The city is still associated with the mighty Mughals, who, besides being great rulers, were ingenious architects. Their legacy is awe-inspiring and is evident through the massive mausoleums, grand forts and lavish palaces.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Coral Tree
  • Day 13
    • Enjoy a visit to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

      Your day begins with breakfast after which we begin with a tour to what can only be described as a symphony is white marble - the Taj Mahal.

      The Taj Mahal is considered as the epitome of love, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. The perfect symmetry, the ethereal glow, its unimaginable scale and the exquisite detailing covering every inch of marble justifies it as one of the most spectacular wonders of the world.

      In order to protect the Taj Mahal from vehicular pollution, tourist vehicles are allowed only up to the designated parking zone, which is a short distance away from the Taj Mahal entrance. Here onwards, we are expected to board battery operated vehicles (golf cart / bus) to reach the main entrance of the Taj and back.

      Pack in some good humour and patience as vehicle allocation follows a rotational system. Beware of the cacophony of the persistent vendors at the parking lot and the Taj Mahal entrance.

      Your local guide shall be there to enhance your experience by guiding you through all the finer nooks and crannies of the Taj.

      Additionally, sound was used to express ideas of paradise. The interior of the mausoleum has a reverberation time of 28 seconds, providing an atmosphere where the words of the Hafiz, as they prayed for the soul of Mumtaz, would linger in the air.

      Truly a symphony in white marble, the Taj Mahal magical serenity almost merges with the calmness of the River Yamuna that it stands on.

      Words fail us as we describe the exterior decorations of the Taj Mahal as among the finest in Mughal architecture. Worth caressing are its calligraphic panels, its abstract forms, its recessed arches, its lattice screens, vegetative motifs andpassagesfrom theQuranthat comprise some of the decorative elements.

      Next, head off to Agra Fort, an outstanding example of Mughal art and architecture. An impregnable military structure built by Akbar, the Agra Fort luxuriated with the elegance, lavishness and majesty of an imperial palace - a perfect synthesis of civic and military architecture. Relive the era as you step into the seat of power and the stronghold of the Mughal Empire. Absorb the glory of this imposing, red sandstone structure and visualise the fabled peacock throne, which incorporated virtually all the important gems of the imperial treasury here, as well as the beautiful Diwan-i-Khas, or Hall of Private Audience within the fort.

      As you move towards the fort entrance, be ready to hear the excited and forceful vendors hawking away cheap souvenirs.

      Go back in time as you walk up the ridged ramp which was once used by royalty to enter or exit the fort on horsebacks. Put your ear to the hollow walls in the summer palace and hear voices reverberating in the room.

      Experience the masterpiece of acoustics in the Hall of Public Audience, which showed that the emperor was loud and clear enough for all those present there. If you are lucky, with not many people around, you could easily hear the finest of the sounds from a distance.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • Coral Tree
  • Day 14
    Agra - Delhi
    • Transfer from hotel in Agra to hotel in Delhi, en route visit Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb.

      Today, visit the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah followed by our drive to Delhi. Along the way, there are provisions to stop for a cup of chai or coffee and to use fairly clean washrooms.

      The charisma of times of yore greets you right at the outskirts of the city, as you stop to visit the magnificent Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb, popularly known as the 'Baby Taj'. Filled with gardens, mini structures and heritage monuments, this elegant tomb is the first structure of its kind to be constructed of pure marble in Mughal India and a perfect draft of the iconic Taj Mahal.

      Next, drive to the capital city of Delhi via the Express Highway (a journey of 202 km / approx. 4.5 hours drive). On arrival, check in to the hotel.

      Delhi, the capital city of India, represents a picture rich with culture, architecture and human diversity. Like two sides of a coin,Old Delhi and New Delhi provide two contrasting yet harmonious parts. With a skyline of futuristic skyscrapers on one side and age-old monuments on the other, the old and new co-exist side by side. Delhi also panders to a variety of palates and food lovers; there is an unlimited variety of cuisines available, from roadside dhabas to fine dining, each with tongue-teasing delicacies that will have you back for more.

    • Post check in, the rest of the day is at leisure to relax.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • The Loft
  • Day 15
    • Explore the city of Delhi.

      Following breakfast, start a mesmerising tour of the 'City of Djinns' with a visit to Imperial Delhi, accompanied by your local guide. Soak in the grandiose of the city with a drive past the imposing 42-metre tall India Gate (War Memorial Arch), the Parliament House and the Rashtrapati Bhavan (the President's Residence), a structure epitomising India's strength, democratic traditions and secular character.

      Our next destination is the magnificent Tomb of Humayun, a perfect culmination of distinctly evolved Mughal architecture in the Indian subcontinent, inspiring the Taj Mahal. This impressive structure is built on a monumental scale, grandeur of design, square garden (charbagh) setting inspired by the description of paradise in the Holy Quran, with no precedence in the Islamic world for a mausoleum such as this.

      A beautiful synthesis of Persian architecture and Indian traditions, exemplified by the arched alcoves, corridors, the high double dome, the kiosks, giving it a pyramidal outline from distance. As you stand facing the tomb, visualise perfect symmetry - the cornerstone of Mughal architecture.

      Run your fingers over the intricate patterns carved on the red sandstone lattice screens and feel the dexterity of the stone artisans of yore to be able to create fine masterpieces on stone - a perfect marriage of skills and simplistic tools.

      Drive through the busy streets of Delhi, catching a glimpse of a bustling life not ready to stop at any point of time. Visit the Qutab Minar, the leaning tower of India (it leans 2 feet off its axis) located in a lush green complex. Though, it was the first formal entry of Islamic rule in India, its various structures offers very interesting insights into its architecture.

      As you touch the pillars in the Quwwat ul islam mosque, you realise the haphazard placement of stones and columns carrying figures or patterns from Hindu temple architecture. This is indicative of the non-existence of any architectural plan preceding the construction of Qutab Minar.

      Run your fingers over the calligraphic arches and feel the intricacy of the patterns carved on its various curves. India gets its first crude arch!

      The day is action-packed and busy, you may still get some time to indulge in retail therapy at the designer mall - Emporio.

      Following sightseeing, return to the hotel.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • The Loft
  • Day 16
    • Enjoy a city tour of Old Delhi.

      This morning, following a leisurely breakfast, take in the sights and sounds of Old Delhi with a visit to the magical old town.

      You will be picked up by your local guide for your day's excursion. Please don't forget to pack your suntan lotion, sunhat, etc.

      Your introduction to the grand old city begins with a short drive around the locality enveloping the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India. Situated on a mound in the heart of the erstwhile capital of the Mughals, this impressive red sandstone structure projects beautifully into the Old Delhi skyline with a courtyard capable of holding 25,000 devotees. Due to a huge flight of stairs, the monument is not accessible. However, after seeing the whole structure, you are not missing much inside the monument as the mosque is quite plain inside. The main charm of Old Delhi is actually around the monument as you get to experience all the hustle-bustle of the old city.

      Drive past the Red Fort. Once the residence of the Mughal Kings till 1857, the Red Fort was the pride of the Mughal Empire, built at the pinnacle of the reign. Head to the calm and serene Raj Ghat - the cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi. Raj Ghat with its sublime expanse of lush green trees affords a perfect ode to one of the greatest souls ever. It is bound to leave you with an aftertaste of inspiration.

      Proceed to visit Bangla Sahib - the Sikh Temple. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the most prominent Sikh gurudwara, or Sikh house of worship, in Delhi. If you are lucky and in time, you may get the opportunity to visit the community kitchen that feeds free food to a large number of people every day without any discrimination. What's more, major part of the work in the kitchen is done (including cooking service and cleaning) by volunteers.

    • The rest of the day is at leisure for you to explore the city at your own pace. If you want us to provide you with transport at an additional charge, please let us know a day in advance.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
    • The Loft
  • Day 17
    Depart Delhi
    • Today, you bid farewell to your tour and proceed to the airport in Delhi for your onward journey.

    • Meals included: Breakfast
  • Mumbai
  • Udaipur
  • Jodhpur
  • Jaipur
  • Agra
  • New Delhi

The financial capital of India, Mumbai is where dreams come true. Home to one of the world's most prolific film industries, this powerhouse city is full of energy and good vibes. Add lip-smacking street food to the list and you are good to go! Don't forget to explore hidden temples, hippie cafes and the stunning colonial architecture. This city of dreams is sure to make you fall in love!

The regal city of Udaipur is a paradise for people fond of royal architecture. From the temples, palaces and havelis to colourful streets, Udaipur is a city straight out of a miniature Mughal painting. Fondly known as the Venice of The East, this city boasts of beautiful lakes. Udaipur is indeed magical and romantic and an unmissable part of Rajasthan!

A rhapsody in blue, Jodhpur is a mighty and magnificent city in Rajasthan. Get lost in the dreamy maze of the architectural wonder of the Blue City. Admire the larger-than-life forts and experience its languid charm This picturesque city is sure to mesmerise every inch of your thrill-seeking soul. With all the stunning medieval streets, colourful bazaars and the happy vibe, it's difficult not to be smitten by Jodhpur!

Adorned with pretty pink palaces, lush green gardens and grand forts, Jaipur represents the rich and vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The enthralling mahals and thoughtful locals make it worth every tourist's time. The camels, festivities and the hippie culture are an add-on to this stunning Pink City nestled between mighty forts and the rugged Aravalli Hills.

The mystical appeal of one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal draws tourists from all over the world. But the Taj isn't the only attraction here. The magnificent legacy of the Mughal empire includes a grand list of tombs and mausoleums that are all worth a visit. Also, don't miss out on the bustling bazaars and splurge a bit on luxurious carpets and leather goods!

Magnificent, mystic and magnetic, Delhi is a bustling backstreet of mausoleums and vibrant bazaars. Explore the chaotic bylanes of Old Delhi, tussle in the gleaming gardens at dusk and gorge on the most delicious roadside chaat. The city of Djinns is overwhelmingly fascinating to all!

  • Mumbai
    3 nights

    Gordon House

    Superior Room
    • Bar
    • Air Conditioner
    • Restaurant
    • Room service
    • Business Center
    • Gym
    • Internet
  • Udaipur
    3 nights

    Balunda House

    Economy Room
    • Air Conditioner
    • Internet
  • Jodhpur
    2 nights

    Jagat Niwas

    Economy Room
    • Air Conditioner
    • Room service
    • Internet
  • Jaipur
    3 nights


    Economy Room
    • Bar
    • Restaurant
    • Room service
    • Pool
  • Agra
    2 nights

    Coral Tree

    • Internet
  • New Delhi
    3 nights

    The Loft

    Economy Room
    • Internet


  • Accommodation at hotels mentioned or similar..
  • Transfers by air-conditioned vehicle as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • All excursions and sightseeing tours by air-conditioned vehicle as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary.
  • Services of an English speaking local guide as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Assistance of an Enable Travel representative at airports.
  • All currently applicable taxes, i.e. Hotel tax and Transportation tax.
  • Porterage at airport - 2 pieces of baggage per person.


  • Cost of international / domestic airfares.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Any transport to Mumbai / from Delhi. Your tour price starts ex Mumbai.
  • Internal flights.
  • Visa fees.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Any meals / en route meals unless specified.
  • Any additional sightseeing tours other than those mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Items of personal nature, viz, tips, porterage, room service, laundry, mineral water, alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, phone calls, additional sightseeing tours and excursions not included in the itinerary, still or video camera fees, etc.
  • Any increase in fuel cost, government taxes, entrance fees, intra and interstate taxes, etc. The tour price will be amended in accordance.
  • Entrance fees at monuments and places of interest @ INR 9911 per person, payable extra over and above the tour cost.
  • Any items or services not specified in the itinerary under inclusions.
  • Supplement charges applicable for long weekends and festivals.
  • Any rides, safaris, boating charges, additional sightseeing tours other than the mentioned in inclusions.
  • Goods and Services Tax of 5%.

Dates & Price

Price Validity Category Twin / Double Single
1st Oct 2019 - 31st Mar 2020 HERITAGE 2,434 3,321
1st Oct 2019 - 31st Mar 2020 ECONOMY 2,462 3,387
1st Oct 2019 - 31st Mar 2020 SUPERIOR 2,986 4,348
1st Oct 2019 - 31st Mar 2020 DELUXE 3,636 5,556

Before you Go

  • The Red Fort remains closed for visitors on Mondays.
  • The Taj Mahal remains closed for visitors on Fridays.
  • We request all our guests to let us know of all their special requirements, i.e. dietary, mobility, accessibility, vision, speech or hearing, at the time of booking, enabling us to plan the trip accordingly.
  • Please be informed that guide dogs or any other pets are not allowed in aircraft and many other places in India.
  • Voltage available in India is 220-240 V. International adapters are available at most hotels.

Important Info

  • The following monuments/sites are closed to visitors on the below days:

    • Red Fort, Delhi: Monday
    • Taj Mahal, Agra: Friday
  • Visas for India should be obtained by all passengers well before their departure for India.
  • Check in time will be 1400 hours and check out time will be 12 hours.
  • Early check in is subject to availability.
  • Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Rates include only those items specified in your itinerary.
  • Distances mentioned in itinerary are approximate and driving time depends on traffic conditions.
  • During the visit to the Taj Mahal, tourists are required to travel from the parking lot to the main gate (and back) on foot or by battery operated non air -conditioned vans. These vans cannot be pre-booked and guests will have to wait in queue for their turn.
  • Visitors going to any religious places, e.g. Jama Masjid (Delhi), should be modestly dressed. Admission will be denied to anyone wearing short pants/skirts, sleeveless t-shirts/blouses. Bare shoulders and midriffs are not permitted and should be covered with shawls.
  • No wearing footwear and no carrying plastic or leather articles while entering any temple.
  • The rates mentioned above are confidential and should not be shared with a third party without written consent of Enable Travel. All arrangements made by Enable Travel are in the capacity of an agent only. Enable Travel will not be liable for claims or expenses arising from circumstances beyond our control such as accidents, injuries, delayed or cancelled flights and acts / forces of nature.
  • A refund / discount would not be applicable if breakfast or any meals included in the package are not utilised.
  • Enable Travel's costs are based on contracted rates for leisure business. No conference / business / corporate activity have been envisaged in the tour cost. Including any such activity may result in the above being treated as a business delegation and the hotels are likely to charge a separate contracted rate for the same.

  • In case of any additional expense incurred due to a change in Government of India and Reserve Bank of India regulations pertaining to taxes, fuel hikes, entrances to monuments, transport, fluctuation in the rate of exchange and any force majeure situation due to natural / political conditions, Enable Travel reserves the right to adjust the tour price accordingly.
  • Smoking in public places has been prohibited in India. Public places include open spaces, restaurants, hotels, pubs, discotheques, banquet halls, etc. No services would be permitted / provided in separate smoking enclosures / areas, if available, with the exception of rooms designated as 'smoking rooms' in hotels.
  • Force Majeure Situations: Enable Travel and its associates shall not be liable to pay any compensation where the performance / prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented / affected or any damage or loss is suffered as a result of a 'force majeure' situation. In these Booking Conditions, 'force majeure' would stand for any event which Enable Travel or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside of our control. Enable Travel and its associates are not liable for any compensation for damage caused by a force majeure or other unforeseen events. Enable Travel would notify our clients / agents timely of such force majeure events as and when feasible and will aim to limit the damage and supplement cost befalling the clients / agents for alternate arrangements deviating from the planned programme.