Travel in Goa becomes accessible thanks to Ezy Mov, the wheelchair taxi service

15 December, 2018 - | by Newz Hook

Taking his mother to the doctor is a struggle for Nazir Hamirani, a resident of Ponda in Goa. After she got paralyzed in 2016, Hamirani needed to take her frequently for various medical appointments and the lack of a wheelchair taxi service in the state made these visits a harrowing affair.

“Initially we would take my mom lying down inside a Maruti van. When after more than a year of physiotherapy she could not start walking, it was very upsetting as there was no service in which we could take our mom out hassle free. We wanted to give her a normal life as much as possible by taking her out”, says Hamirani.

That will now change thanks to the wheelchair taxi service launched by Ezy Mov in Goa this month in partnership with accessible holiday specialist Enable Travel. Five vehicles have been rolled out as part of the first phase in specific locations like Panjim, Mapusa, Dabolim airport, to name just a few.

Among those who has checked out the service is Frederika Menezes, a local artist who has a disability. Menezes took a tour of the historic Old Goa as part of the launch.

Ezy Move, which launched in 2015, is India's first wheelchair taxi service, with a fleet of cabs equipped with world class equipment like hydraulic lifts and wheelchair restraint systems. Launching the service in Goa, says Co-founder, Bennet D'cunha is part of the company's mission to position India as the leading country for accessible tourism.

“Ezy Move and Enable Travel are the first movers in the accessible transportation and travel space in our country. Hence, we share the common vision of providing end-to-end assistance to our customers. travelling from all over the world into India and Goa in particular. This service will also be available for the local population to meet their healthcare and social needs”.

The service in Goa is available in a two-pricing model - rental services and catering to healthcare or social needs. “As of now, we are following a rental system”, adds D'cunha. “It is available for four hours and eight hours and we are giving it to locals at a 25% subsidized rate. For tourists, we charge Rs 1,750 for eight hours”.

Hamirani, who spent a sizeable amount of money retrofitting his car just last year, is happy about the launch. Having used Ezy Mov cabs in Mumbai, he trusts their service.

“The drivers are well trained in handling the equipment as well as the patient. The drive is smooth and the patient doesn't feel tired or exhausted and the vehicle is clean and well maintained too. They also offer subsidized prices to regular customers”.

So, what are you waiting for? Here is one more reason to visit this tourist paradise!