This travel portal is opening up a whole new world for the differently-abled

31 March, 2017 - India Today | By Disha Roy Choudhury

Yes, we all #CanDo, believes India's first disabled-friendly travel portal.
This travel portal is opening up a whole new world for the differently-abled

Every time you look at those breathtaking pictures of a destination, you want to visit it. After all, don't we all have that personal travel-before-you-die wish list? But how many of us can actually live up to our dreams?

There could be many constraints, one among them being physical disability. But does disability diminish one's desire to travel? Does that mean travel is only for the privileged? If not, then what measures are we taking to make travel disabled-friendly?

It is this very passion for travel, that brought together four travellers to help physically challenged people explore the world by themselves.

Rustom Irani, Shama Noorani, Divyanshu Ganatra and Captain Prabal Malaker have all known the pleasure of travel while coping with their disability during their sojourn. And now, they have started an accessible holiday initiative, Enable Travel, to curate tailor-made outings for the disabled.

Launched by Cox and Kings, this one-of-a-kind travel portal, is offering hassle-free travel in the form of wheelchair accessible vehicles, hiking wheelchairs and amphibian wheelchairs, aids and accessories like ramps, and an assortment of specialised wheelchairs for those who are wheelchair bound. They are also providing trained manpower like caregivers, sign language interpreters, expert guides and escorts, making all areas of travel accessible.

Debolin Sen, head, Enable Travel, said, ''Through this initiative we are trying to address various barriers like inaccessible travel information, lack of transportation and disable-friendly hotel rooms that prevent people from travelling.

''Enabling barrier-free travel for people with disabilities will contribute to a significant increase in inbound and domestic tourism," claimed Karan Anand, Head, Relationships, Cox & Kings.

Enable Travel's services will be available both for big and mid-size budgets. The wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) will be available across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, including Toyota Hiaces, VWs, besides some domestic brands.

Disability might not be an impediment after all, for all those who crave to experience the wonders of the world.