70 Trips to Freedom

Are you a disabled traveller? Know someone who is disabled and loves to travel? Enable Travel's 70TripsToFreedom are just what you need! As India celebrates 70 years of independence, explore our 70 trips for the disabled, curated by the disabled.

Catering to the wheelchair-bound, the deaf, and the visually and speech-impaired, our accessible tours explore the best of India. Choose from our short tours, weekend getaways, day trips and excursions that span a variety of themes, including heritage, wildlife, beaches, hill stations and more. Our holidays offer trained professionals, specialised equipment and aids to make travel comfortable, fun and safe for disabled travellers.

Nominate your disabled family member or friend for one of our trips and stand a chance to win a Cox & Kings travel voucher, worth Rs 1,000*. What's more? Your nominee will get a 10%* discount voucher! Click here to nominate.


Our excursions, over 4-6 hours, ensure you're back home for the night!

Not quite ready to spend a night away from home? Don't worry, explore your city with these short excursions, which have been handpicked by our experts, just for you. Covering about 4-6 hours, these excursions come with trained caregivers, sign language interpreters and a variety of specialised equipment to suit your needs. Just let us know which part of your city you want to explore, and we'll arrange it for you.

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Day Trips

Our overnight day trips are the perfect option for travel newbies!

A good break doesn't necessarily have to be a long one. It just has to be relaxing, comfortable and fun. And our day trips, which are not too long, nor too short offer just that. With the help of trained caregivers, expert guides and specialised equipment to suit you, we ensure your mini-holiday goes without a glitch. So put away your worries; it's time to say, 'Hello travel!'

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Weekend Trips

Weekend getaways, with a Monday or Friday thrown in for good measure!

For the world, weekends are synonyms with getaways. And why should it be any different for you? At Enable Travel, we've curated a host of accessible weekend getaway that lets you explore the best of India. Vetted by our disabled experts, these trips come with trained caregivers and world-class equipment that takes care of your needs. So it's not just you who enjoys a weekend break, but your family gets to relax too.

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Short Trips

All set to travel? Sign up for our short trips, which redefine holiday fun!

All big journeys begin with a first step. Take that first step with our short trips and experience the joy of travel in the company of trained caregivers and expert guides. Spanning 3 days or more, these holidays have been designed by our disabled experts, keeping in mind your special needs. So you don't have to worry about a thing, except maybe choosing a place to explore.

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