Why Us: Enable Travel

Being India's first Accessible Holiday Specialist, Enable Travel addresses the needs of the inbound and domestic wheelchair bound, vision and speech impaired and deaf traveller. At Enable Travel, we will open up your world. With us, you'll think of travel as a thrill and not a challenge.

Curated by the disabled, for the disabled, we provide the finest recommendations, ensuring that not only you, but your family and friends, have a relaxed and a memorable holiday too.

  • Transport

    People with disabilities have special needs when it comes to travel. Our fleet of mid-sized, rear-entry vans are well equipped with portable ramps and safety gear. Our drivers are also trained to work with ramps and the wheelchair-bound, so you can be sure that your holiday with us is enjoyable, safe and comfortable.

  • Hiking Chair

    Love mountains and forts? We believe you can conquer your dreams! At Enable Travel, we've arranged for single-wheel hiking chairs to help you up slopes and steps, participate in adventure activities, and climb new heights. Literally!

  • Amphibian

    Whether you love the weightless feel of being in water, or have always wanted to experience it, at Enable Travel, we make it possible. Ideal for adaptive recreation, we offer the amphibian wheelchair, which can be used in shallow areas of open water and in swimming pools. It can also be used as a sun lounger on the beach. Experiencing the joys of water has never been so safe and comfortable before!

  • Roll-A-Ramps

    On every Enable Travel holiday, you will find roll-out ramps to help the wheelchair-bound onto platforms and pavements that may otherwise be inaccessible. Lightweight and strong, these Roll-A-Ramps are portable, and can be used in public areas, or anywhere on your trip where accessibility is required.

  • Specialised Help

    At Enable Travel, we know that you need people around you who understand you and your needs, especially when you're away from home. That's why we have a hand-picked team of specialised help who travels with you. Our empathetic, multi-lingual (including sign language) guides, escorts, drivers and care-givers have a host of skills so that you are well looked after.

  • Curated Experiences

    We've scouted the country and hand-picked the best hotels, sightseeing activities, local guides and accessible experiences, so your Enable Travel holiday is a dream come true. Curated by the disabled, for the disabled, our holidays and experiences will keep your family and you, relaxed, comfortable and in the highest of spirits.